About Us

Experienced attorneys of integrity.

For more than 20 years, attorneys at Stagnaro, Saba & Patterson have anticipated the needs of our clients and taken bold, strategic action on their behalves. We’ve earned a reputation of being business-savvy, pragmatic attorneys of integrity—and aggressive advocates when our clients’ interests are on the line.

Every day, we apply our strategic abilities and vast experience to help our clients navigate new opportunities, confront emerging challenges, and achieve their goals.

Our Values.

Our clients refer their friends, families and associates to us because they trust our commitment to the six core values that guide our decision-making:

  1. Integrity

    Simply put, our “yes” means yes, and our “no” means no. We’re open and honest with our clients at all times.

  2. Excellence

    We provide high-caliber legal services to every client, every day. We always give our best to our most important partners, our clients.

  3. Entrepreneurship

    We understand the complexities of building a business to last. We’re aggressive, practical innovators dedicated to adding value to our clients’ businesses.

  4. Service

    We anticipate our clients’ needs before they ask, and always act quickly to provide individual attention with their best interests in mind.

  5. Unity

    We strive to achieve superior results through collaborative relationships. As a firm, we use our collective experience to achieve the best possible outcome.

  6. Value

    We’re honored to be considered partners in our clients’ businesses—not merely a cost of doing business. We go above and beyond expectations to partner with our clients for the long haul.